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How can we help?

Armis Strategies is an unique insurance company. Our energy is focused in two functional areas:

  • Advanced planning for clients facing complex problems

  • Training  other financial professionals on advanced planning techniques


We utilize our strategic partners and diverse experiences in life insurance, trusts, charities, foundations, estates, investment vehicles and settlement planning to prepare for your future. 


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Why do we do it?

Throughout our careers, we have seen a complicated area become more inaccessible for the majority. Our mission is to do the right thing for people planning for their futures. We truly believe in service over self and we would like to share some of our unique experiences to help guide those through a nuanced field.

We share a commitment to service, excellence, and action. 

Learn more about our company's goals and motivations:

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Who are we?

Armis Strategies is a comprehensive team that operates with drive, integrity, and precision. Our company is guided by by over 70+ years of combined military service.


Our teammates were chosen for their moral character, flexibility, and specialized areas of knowledge.

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140 Cateechee Trail, Suite B

Hartwell, GA 30643


140 Cateechee Trail, Suite B
Hartwell, GA 30643

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